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Brass Radiator Reconditioning.



Radiator in jig ready to be worked on after being tested.

Radiator tank seam starting to be unsoldered to remove top tank ready for internal cleanout.

Sand blasting of parts ready for re-soldering.

Power flushing radiator with air & water ready for rod cleanout.

Removing all solder dags from recess & prep clean ready for
tank to be re-soldered.

Soldering the brass tank into the recess.

Pressure testing radiator to 20psi looking for any bubbles
submerged in test tub.

Drying a radiator ready for painting.

Spray painting radiator in radiator black enamel for
a shiny new appearance.

Hi-Techs extensive range of Reconditioned radiator stock.
Plastic Radiator Reconditioning.

By placing the radiator into the test tub Hi-Tech can determine weather the tank is cracked or an o-ring seal has let go.

Removing crimps off plastic tank ready for cleanout.

A split tank can occur from constant over heating, pressure
build up & old age.

When the tank has been removed we can then see by the colouration of the tank , if it may cause the customer an issue in the future if not replaced.

A blockage like this will cause a vehicle to over heat. This can be rectified by giving the radiator a service.

We unblock the radiators with a steel rod by putting it down
every tube

Flushing air threw the radiator core with water will dislodge anything else in there.

After the cleanout is done water flow is constant & even
through out all tubes.

Here is a Toyota Celica radiator as you can see there is a major blockage having a blockage like this can cause you a great deal of money by creating more issues through out the cooling system like thermostat, water pump and the head.

Issues like this are caused from a few reasons like engine not being flushed properly, a mixing of coolants to the engine breaking down internally.

Water flow like this is something that no body wants by taking care of your cooling system and getting a service on the radiator and a engine flush this will eliminate blockages like this.

After the tubes have been rodded out you can clearly see the difference, the tubes now have and even constant flow keeping your car running cooler.

Large stock range of o-ring seals for resealing
plastic tank radiators.

We keep all common vehicle radiator tank replacements
both in plastic & in brass.
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